Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's JUNE! You know what THAT means? #JuNoWriMo & #CampNaNoWriMo!

Hey all! I know it's been a while. But now I have someone that will make sure that I'm blogging on a more regular basis. Isn't it nice to have someone keeping your schedule for you when you're one of those "creative scatter brained types"? "I" think it is!

So lately at #wordmongering we've been teaming up with the #JuNoWriMo people and the #CampNaNoWriMo people to get word sprints done as often as possible! It's been incredible! There has been awesome word counts and productivity abound! At this time I'm also including myself in on the productivity since I've gotten in 29,900 words since the first of June! Exciting times! If you are part of the JuNoWriMo team or the CampNaNoWriMo team you're more than welcome to come and hang out with the Mongerers! Especially since a good majority of the Mongerers are doing either event or even both at the same time. We'll be here in August for that push as well....and of course we can't forget November when NaNoWriMo is back in full swing! I can't tell you how ecstatic it makes me to see people posting positivity in the #wordmongering feed. Each day I check it and everyone is making good progress. Daily goals are being met left and right. It's simply amazing to me! Awe inspiring even, because you are all doing this yourselves! We're simply here as a support base to spur you on to keep on writing. I can't wait to see how many of these challengers have completed works when this is all done. I myself have pledged to have my book done before my 40th birthday which is coming up this June 16th. As much as I LOVE writing, I want to be out kicking my heels up on that day. You can't blame me can you? It IS a Saturday after all! LOL

I have been reading quite a few great books lately! I told you I would tell you all about them it's later! First I read Elemental Magic by Angela Wallace. It was such a cute read! I started the book & it just drove me along. If you have a chance, I recommend you pick it up! You can see my review on GoodReads. [Please note, when I review a book I'd MUCH rather let you see that I either enjoyed or didn't enjoy (whatever the case may this case I DID enjoy it) than to tell you what the book is about. Personally I think that giving a detailed account of the book's contents is unfair to the reader since the author is much better at telling their story than I am.] I also read Helens of Troy by Janine McCaw. Yet another book I throughly enjoyed. You can read my review on GoodReads for this book as well. Then there was also Slide by Jill Hathaway I was really excited to read this book since I've known Jill since Absolute Write Water Cooler and I'd been seeing her post a bit here and there about her writing this book. When it came out I think that it was a SQUEE heard 'round the world! I have also posted a review of that book on GoodReads. Also in my pile that I read was Goliath Gets Up A Novel by Starbuck O'Dwyer That was a very surprising read! I have my review posted there on GoodReads for that one as well! Last but not least was Lucky Bastard by S.G. Browne I liked the story immensely because of it's San Francisco setting, but that wasn't the only thing! LOL My review is there on GoodReads for that one too! So if you get a chance check out any of the books that I have read. I can honestly say that there wasn't one in this list that I didn't like. Goliath Gets Up was the most surprising to me, I was expecting it to be a down and out tale and it turned out to be quite funny!

Well....until next Wednesday my blog people! Don't forget to tune in to our broadcast on www.blogtalkradio/parayournormal to hear who we're talking about. The broadcasts air at 3:30pm PST. In the past couple of months I have become the Assistant Coordinator to the ParaYourNormal group, that's partially why I haven't been here as much as I was before. Also, doesn't life just have an ugly little habit of getting in the way? Hopefully things will slow down enough to be able to get into a regular swing again!! Until later!

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