Friday, June 10, 2011

GIVEAWAY time!!! you can see below, HUSH was the hands down winner!'s the 'portant part! The rules:

1) Be a follower of my blog
2) Leave me a comment +1
3) Tweet this contest +2 (leave me the link please)
4) Leave me an email to reach you...unless you don't WANNNNNT the book!
5) Blog about this contest +3 (leave me a link please)

Rules 2, 3, & 5 are optional but rules 1 & 4 are mandatory. (Gotta keep some semblance of order around here!) The little pluses after some of the rules are the amount of extra entries you get for doing these things! So comment away!

Next Friday I will put all your entries in a hat & choose the winner! Easy as that. Looking forward to all of your comments! Mongerers, this is all because of your awesome efforts Mongering & spreading the Mongering word! Thank you for everything you do.

Annnnnnnnd the winner is!!

It seems that overwhelmingly y'all want HUSH by Cherry Adair!! So......starting tomorrow I'm going to start taking entries to win this awesome book! WOO HOO! The masses have spoken and I am responding! Thank you for the great turn out Mongerers & friends! This couldn't have been possible without you! Be on the lookout, I'll be creating the post to give away my people's choice!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I know I haven't had a lot of "bells & whistles" but read this & reserve your thoughts.

Ok! I know that I've been all about the Mongering lately...anyone who has seen my new Twitter avatar & have even looked at this page can instantly see that.

Now I've got ONE guest blog under my belt...if you would like to read it the web page is here:

Now Sonia G Medeiros is seriously thinking about interviewing me for HER blog. This is an exciting time for me!

So...without further ado...I will announce my first bell! I'm SERIOUSLY going to do a giveaway in honor of how GREAT #wordmongering is going. I have TWO books that I can vote as to which book I give this time you have two to choose from...but THIS giveaway will only be ONE when I tally up all the votes I will do a giveaway!

Your choices:  HUSH by Cherry Adair
                       The Fallen Demon by Kristina Douglas

Right now all you do is vote for which I should give away! Next Friday I will tally up the votes & then announce the giveaway! That's it!! Let the voting begin!!!  In order to vote just be a follower of my blog! That's it...I won't expect you to jump through flaming hoops....yet....hee hee

Unfortunately the giveaway is only going to be for US people...since I don't have international money to be able to send it out! (sorry Int'l people hopefully soon I can include you!)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Annnnd #wordmongering & #editmongering logos go LIVE today!!

I SWEAR this is my last post for today!

THIS is big news for us at the Mongering crew because we have gone live with our dual logos! If you'd like to get the full badges you can visit our official WIX site here:!bbb

With a coordinated effort between @notveryalice, MHowalt, and I we have come up with the most beautiful Mongering logos. Now, with that being said what I REALLY mean is that MHowalt designed them and @notveryalice and I had input into the design process...mostly color choices and such since the idea that M had was just too gorgeous to deny. Here I will share the basics....but if you want the "full Monty" the site I posted up there is your best bet!

There they are in all their colorful glory and I'm VERY proud to display them on my blog. Thank you to ALL of you because without you Mongering wouldn't be as much fun or even possible! Pat yourselves on the backs for jobs well done and words on the pages! WOO HOOO!! Enjoy and I'll see ya Mongering!!

I have a SPECIAL Mongering award for some people out there!

You can attach them to your blog...or just save them for your desk top (which is what "I" have on MINE right now ;) !)

Since the mug is for edits & the bulb is for word this award is for those tireless people that do BOTH! Thank you for your support and know that I'm extremely proud of your progress that I've been seeing in my TweetDeck! Without futher ado......HERE'S my picks for May!! YAYAYAYAY!












g d cribbs





Because of you FINE WONDERFUL folks both Mongerings have been an AWESOME success!! Enjoy the wonderful handiwork of MHowalt and her beautiful badges and logos for Mongering.

Blog pages as promised!





Jessica Lei--

Kim McCormack--

Leigh Fallon--


Author Tiffany--



Helene Boudreau--




There ya have it! So click away at all of these wonderful blogs! There WILL be more postings....but this time I'll be handing out Mongering badges! Think y'all can handle it? (hee hee)

So, Wordmongering has gathered me another award!

So, MHowalt was the SWEETEST ever and gave me this cute little award! What's really funny is the award looks A LOT like what my brother and I had every year for our birthday cake. How did she know? I hafta say that whoever presented her with this award was right on the money with her since the GORGEOUS images that @notveryalice and I have on our WIX webpage are solely courtesy of her. She jumped right on the Mongering bandwagon and created the cutest pics ever to depict our Mongering logos. (Don't worry, as soon as I pull them off of my emails I will be posting their beauty here on my musings.)'s MY turn to go ahead and award this same cute little award back out since it would be UTTERLY rude of me to hang on to such a lucious cake! ;)

So....who to give the award to? Well that's easy but not so easy isn't it? The HARDER part will be giving y'all links to everyone's websites. Don't worry, I may not be uber web savvy, but I have the re-post down pat, so once I put all of my wonderful blog awardees down here I shall come back and give everyone's webpages so that you may click away! Annnnnnnnnd without further ado the WINNERS:

MHowalt (of course!)
@notveryalice (for obvious Mongering reasons)
MyshelfAndI (Because she's an awesome trivia bookmark giver!)
Ava_Jae (For her awesome pom pom skillz!)
LeiJessica-JessicaLei (Or even BOTH of her simply because she's one of the best crit'rs EVAR)
Kim McCormack (Because SHE'S lucky enough to have an ADHD fairy!)
Leigh Fallon (Because she's willing to trade my servitude for an ARC hee hee)
InLuvWithBooks (Because she said my quote trumped hers! hee hee)
AuthorTiffany (Because ANYONE with a unicorn in her avi is soooper sweet!)
JenBigHeart (Because she has the BEST swag & isn't shy about sharing!)
BethFishReads (Simply for her being an editing MACHINE!)
Helene Boudreau (For her fashion sense while being covered in scales)
TheFourPartLand (It ain't easy being cheesy like he is! ;) And he makes it look GOOD)
Erin Brambilla (Those pom poms & fingers just never quit!)
DanniM86 (Cuz she's one ROCK'N speed demon on the keyboard)

The instructions, as they were passed on to me, are these:
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.2. Share seven random facts about yourself.3. Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

So my Seven Random Facts:

1) I'm all about the color purple. All of the lighters in the house that are purple are mine (that's how I know hublet is trying to snatch mine, if it's's mine! LOL)

2) I usually find my shoes in the kid's section....little known fact, a woman's size 6 shoe equals to be a 3 1/2 - 4 in kids. One year I got the COOLEST sparkly light up Barbie shoes! Too bad the next door neighbor's dog shredded them three days after I bought them. I was too disappointed to buy another pair. :)

3) My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio--other brands tend to fill space with almonds and that's not as tasty.

4) I am a fiend for crablegs! Promise me an all you can eat crab leg buffett and I'll go ANYWHERE with you! (just make sure you're not teasing cuz I WILL get mad! LOL)

5) I named my kitty Tabbytha in honor of a passed away puppy that was named Tabitha, the funny thing is....they both were/are VERY similar creatures despite the species gap!

6) Lilacs & lavendar are my two most favorite floral smells, but purple orchids are my favorite pretty flowers. Once upon a time it was the rose, and that was LONG before I found out that it was the June flower.

7) My hublet thinks that it's strange that I can only spend about five minutes on my make-up, but I can literally spend hours grooming my hair.

All right! There you have it. Some rather strange and random facts about lil ol me! Watch the next blog post for everyone's blog addresses!