Thursday, June 2, 2011

Annnnd #wordmongering & #editmongering logos go LIVE today!!

I SWEAR this is my last post for today!

THIS is big news for us at the Mongering crew because we have gone live with our dual logos! If you'd like to get the full badges you can visit our official WIX site here:!bbb

With a coordinated effort between @notveryalice, MHowalt, and I we have come up with the most beautiful Mongering logos. Now, with that being said what I REALLY mean is that MHowalt designed them and @notveryalice and I had input into the design process...mostly color choices and such since the idea that M had was just too gorgeous to deny. Here I will share the basics....but if you want the "full Monty" the site I posted up there is your best bet!

There they are in all their colorful glory and I'm VERY proud to display them on my blog. Thank you to ALL of you because without you Mongering wouldn't be as much fun or even possible! Pat yourselves on the backs for jobs well done and words on the pages! WOO HOOO!! Enjoy and I'll see ya Mongering!!

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