Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey all! Been sooooper busy...busier than usual!!

Well....I've gotten a chance to win a couple of books. I'll put my thoughts about them on my blog when I'm stay tuned!

@BookaliciousPam is having a kick ass deal going on right now on HER blog. You should go check it out! It's a twofer! Support her fave indie bookstore & she'll give you a chance to send your query to her to get your MS critiqued by her! You know she's now like an assistant agent & stuff right?? This is a great offer & I would love to see you take advantage of it while you can! Go here  read all about it & fire away! The reason I call it a "twofer" is because not only are you supporting a great independant book're getting your work checked out as well. It's a total win/win! Who could resist that even for a moment?? I know that "I" can't...which is why I've been telling everyone that I can about this! (Don't blog will still be here if you want to go check it out & come back.)

As far as #wordmongering and #editmongering news is concerned....#wordmongering had an AWESOME day on Sunday! Some of my great and loyal Mongerers did a Mongering Fest on Sunday! There were word counts galore!! If you still haven't had a chance to check it out I highly recommend it! Not only will you meet some awesomesauce supportive authors, you might have fun & get something done too! How's that not amazeballs? We're still gathering more momentum for Mongering, so if you'd like more of your friends to stop on by, tell them about it! If they have any questions don't hesitate to send them my way! I love answering Mongering questions!

OK! Now I'm back to my sooper busy & hectic lifestyle that's already in progress, but I wanted to check in and wave at everyone! Hope you have a bookfilled, productivityfilled, and otherwise made of awesome day!!

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