Saturday, March 3, 2012

On the blog again!! *sang to the tune of On the Road Again*

Hey all! Sorry I've been so remiss in getting back here. I feel like such a BAD hostess and I'm incredibly sorry. did get in the way for a while, but things have significantly calmed down and you'll be seeing me so much more often.

EXCITING news!! #wordmongering and #editmongering are now ONE year old!!! Squeeeeeeeee!! Thanks to all of you Mongerers out there that have been Mongering with us. Without you plugging in the hashtags and cheering (#cheermongering) each other on...this wouldn't have happened. Pat yourselves on the back. I'm racking my brains right now to come up with something appropriate to do for a "belated birthday party" for my two beloved hashtags. If you have any suggestions, by all means...let me know! After all, these are your hashtags too!

In quasi-related news I'm preparing my Ava to be e-published soon. Have someone working on a gorgeous cover, been editing the content within an inch of it's life. Hopefully I can get this puppy out of my computer and into everyone's hands SOON!! My next blog post will be a synopsis of Ava. Yay!

Until I see you again Mongerers and Moni Blog Goers!!


  1. Happy Anniversary to #wordmongering and #editmongering! (Sang to the tune of Happy Birthday. =)

  2. Nice little blog post Moni! I'm grateful for #wordmongering and tonight I'm doing my first bit of #editmongering. Glad to have you to cheer us all on. Thanks for these wonderful tools to help us as writers. :D