Friday, February 18, 2011

Hunted--Young Adult Paranormal with Romance elements

Seventeen year old Aurora Caine lives alone on the streets of San Francisco.  She wasn't always homeless, once she had a cozy house, a nice car, and a beautiful life.  Suddenly this life was ripped apart by a strange illness that claimed her parents and her fraternal twin sister Audrey.

The lab where her parents both worked in had an accident with bio-chemicals that were being tested for their uses as bio-weapons for the military.  The fact that she alone had survived made her a hunted girl.  The powers that be at Agro-Gen Chemicals, the name the company chose to hide their true purpose, wanted her for experiments and the anti-bodies that she had against this virus they labeled Agro-Chrome #19.

On the run from her hometown of Bellevue, NE she leaves signs that she's headed for New York City, but instead goes the opposite direction to San Francisco, CA.

Her life of scrounging to get by, choosing a new name every six weeks, and constantly looking over her shoulder is about to be put to the test.  Not only is she immune to the devastating effects of Agro-Chrome #19, but she's also noticing a change in her.  Suddenly she's able to influence people's thinking and her hands heat up as a defense mechanism.  Attempting to control her newfound abilities will be the key to keeping off of Agro-Gen's radar, but also the government's too.

She also gets caught when she meets James Mead.  His shy manner and trusting eyes disarms her.  She has to make a choice, would she trust this boy she was falling in love with, or would she have to move down to Los Angeles?

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  1. Hi. This sounds great. I love the premise and I found myself already there and wanting more.