Thursday, February 17, 2011

First of my two new ideas......Young Adult Supernatural

The story of Samantha, a teenaged girl that was raised to think that she was human when she was not.  Her fate was sealed the day that she was born, for she was destined to be the youngest of the Three Fates.  Out of the blue a very strange man shows up at her doorstep asking about a key her grandmother had been holding on to for her and is extremely mysterious about why he needs her to use it.

Her story continues on through her journey of taking over the position of Clotho, the youngest Fate, and the obstacles that stand in her way, since there are many other beings that reside on Earth that would rather the Fates didn't have their complete set of three.

Samantha fights through her fears, her bumbling, and her heart to finally assume her rightful position as Clotho and continue to give the humans of the world their fate.

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